Monday, July 30, 2012


I know all girls are obsessed with clothes and shopping but I'm told by my loved ones I actually have a problem LOL it truly is an addiction. I've spent countless amount of hours/days looking up clothes, what celebs are wearing, what's new on my fave websites etc and I've been doing this for years! I have folders on my computer of items i've saved that I want. I'm glad I discovered pinterest for this reason lol Where I can share all my loves/needs/wants all on one page :) visit my pinterest page here

A few of my fave stores are:

American Apparel
Holt Renfrew

I shop online all the time as well! I LOVE, revolve clothing, topshop etc. I have a lot of inexpensive and expensive clothes. Any type makes me happy :)

My absolute favorite brands for comfy clothes are Wildfox Couture and Victorias Secret pink. I live in both and pretty much all I wear unless I dress up for dinner or a meeting. I have around 10 juicy tracksuits and used to wear them all the time but I don't really wear them too often anymore.

My favorite brands of jeans are Siwy and J Brands. Siwy fit me the best so they're definitely my #1 brand! I also like Frankie B and Rag and Bone.

My favorite brands for tops, blouses, dresses etc are Vince, Helmut Lang, Equipment Signature, DVF, Elizabeth & James, Parker.

I live in my Tory Burch flats and sandals all spring and summer. My absolute faves.

Labels from a few of my fave brands

Here's a few celebrity inspired outfits/purchases
Kim Kardashian in Siwy jeans (on left also wearing Paula Bianco scarf and Report Signature Fairfax boots

Me wearing the same Siwy Jeans

A few pairs of my Siwy Jeans

Kim K in her Report Signature fairfax boots
I also fell madly in love with these boots so I asked for them for xmas 2 years ago and received them :) I can't find any pics of me wearing them right now but when i do i'll post!
Vanessa Hudgens in a Wildfox tank and Siwy cut off Camilla jean shorts

Myself in the exact same outfit lol

Wearing my Siwy shorts

Here's Hilary Duff and Paris Hilton in Tory Burch Reva Flats

Myself wearing Tory Burch flats, Paula Bianco scarf, Hermes cuff, LNA leggings and a sock bun!

Wearing Tory Burch flats, Alexander Mcqueen Scarf, Gucci glasses
My Tory Burch flats and sandals I literally wear everyday

Some celebs wearing Wildfox
Me wearing some of my Wildfox shirts. Wildfox is definitely one of my faves if not my ultimate fave brand of clothes!

A few of the wildfox shirts I own

One of the best gifts I received for xmas is my Alexander Mcqueen Scarf! I wear it too much lol I need it in white!

I hate my face in this pic that's the reason for it being cropped. Also wearing my Siwy jeans
Me wearing my Mqueen scarf at an MS event

Vince silk blouse in copper penny
Wearing the Vince top
Equipment Signature silk blouse in bright white
I didn't actually wear this outfit I was trying a few diff options on. I still haven't worn this out yet but i LOVE it
My fave Helmut Lang shirt
My best and I. I've clearly worn this shirt many times!

I just ordered this blouse from bcbg, the store didn't have an xs in stock so they ordered it for me and i'm waiting to pick it up!

I always read Monica Rose's blog (a stylist of the Kardashian's) and she's mentioned the LNA leggings numerous times for the Kardashians so I purchased the zipper leggings and they are best leggings I've ever purchased. I used to go to Aritzia once a month and repurchase the leggings because I'd constantly get holes or runs in them. The LNA leggings are more expesive but the quality is worth it.
Red J brand skinnies. I can't find a pic of me wearing these either but I do wear them often and they fit great. They are the twill legging style so they're super comfy as well!

I LIVE in hats. I try not to blowdry or straighten my hair often as I'm trying to let it grow so I wear these two hats all the time. The NY hat fits amazing but I love Gucci.

Wearing a dress from American Apparel and Christian Louboutin patent lady peeps

Zara sheer blouse, white Jbrand cut off jean shorts, Hermes belt
Same outfit, same Zara blouse in green
American Apparel bodysuit, H & M high waisted shorts and hermes belt

Romper from H & M. I wore a cute waist belt with this but put it on after the photo. Oops
Elizabeth & James shirt, LNA leggings
American Apparel bodysuit, Tallula(from Aritzia) bandage skirt, Christian Louboutin Daffodil`s and Michael Kors bag

So that`s a look into my fashion world and what I love. Hope you enjoyed it :)


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Makeup Collection!!


Ahhhh here is a topic I could literally discuss ALL DAY. I absolutely love makeup (as i'm sure most women are) but I've only become obsessed in the last 6 months or so. I honestly probably had 10 or 12 items in my makeup bag before and had just the basics. Now I definitely could NOT fit all my makeup in a bag lol. Everytime I had a photoshoot, either the photographer would provide an MUA (makeup artist) or I'd go to the MAC store and have someone there do my makeup (it's $50 redeemable in product) or I have 2 girlfriends, Andrea and Lisa who both worked at Mac and are INCREDIBLE at doing makeup. So I definitely had a lot of options but I really wanted to learn myself. Firstly, you need the right products and tools, good brushes are a must. Secondly, practice makes perfect. I think I've watched over 100 youtube videos on makeup tutorials, it's incredible how much you can learn by doing this. Thank you youtube!! :)

Mac was always my go to brand when I first starting buying makeup but I LOVE Sephora now! The variety of brands is incredible. I'd have to say my favorite brand right now is Nars. The blush orgasm is my fave I wear it all the time as well as the laguna bronzer. But from Mac I couldn't live without the soft and gentle highlighter, their lipsticks(my faves are creme de nude, angel, creme cup & pretty please) their lipglosses and eyeshadows. I usually use the same colors when using eyeshadow, espresso, vanilla, carbon, naked lunch, soft brown and all that glitters.

So below I've posted photos of my makeup collection, my vanity, my fave products etc

My vanity set up

My makeup!

All of my makeup

Close up

Other side

All my absolute fave products I will always re-purchase
So that's my makeup collection :)

With makeup/extensions & without

Nicole Courchaine