Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Favorite Makeup Products

I've only recently (in the past 6 months or so) been really into makeup. I swear I had no idea how to wear makeup properly before I started watching youtube tutorials on how to apply products properly, where to place certain products etc. Honestly I can't stress enough how helpful watching those tutorials were for me! For that reason alone I wanted to start my own channel on youtube. I filmed my first video but it was horrible lol terrible lighting and I have no idea how to edit videos so as soon as I figure that out, I will be filming tons of videos! In this blog I'm posting all the photos of my favorite products that I will repurchase.
a few of my faves

My favorite lipsticks; Creme cup, Creme de nude, Angel & Pretty please

Nars turkish delight, Mac boy bait & Mac wildly lush

Painterly paint pot by Mac. I can't imagine applying eyeshadow without this product!

Smashbox BB cream in light, Makeup Forever in 125

Laura Mercier primer. I haven't tried any other primer's but this one works great!

Nars is definitely my favorite brand right now. Laguna bronzer, Orgasm blush

Mac's soft and gentle highlighter. Again, I haven't tried any other highlighters but i LOVE this one

I was using Mac's Studio finish concealer but i'm obsessed with Hard Candy's glamoflauge! it was only $6 and the coverage is amazing. It's known for covering tattoos!

Favorite eyeshadow brushes. Mac's 224, 217 & 239. I didn't realize how important brushes are. They literally do all the work! Blend, blend, blend.

I was using Mac`s Studio fix powder as a setting powder before but I am hooked on Chanel`s loose powder! I don`t think I`ll be able to use another setting powder again! it smells amazing too

Favorite Mac eyeshadows. I have tons but usually just use these colors. Vanilla as a highlight, soft brown to blend out espresso and carbon.

Urban Decay naked 2 palette
Urban Decay naked2 palette. Blankety + St Germain + Boy bait on my lips.

I love wearing makeup but I literally don`t wear any during the week or extensions, my hair is always in a messy bun and wearing sweat pants!


Totally off topic but I just picked up these items from Homesense and I love them! I just need to get a few candles now :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Recent Purchases

I'm soooooo beyond excited about my recent purchases!! Mainly for one item in particular of course.... My new Chanel pst tote in nude/beige with gold hardware. I've been contemplating for the past month whether I should get the black pst, the black gst or the nude/beige pst. I don't typically purchase extravagant items like this often so when I do, I choose wisely. Chanel is definitely an investment. It's very expensive but worth it because if taken care of properly, it can last a life time and also it can be resold close to the retail price. I went with the caviar leather as opposed to lambskin leather simply for the fact that lambskin is very delicate and caviar is much more durable. I plan on using my pst tote as my everyday bag so I need durable. The reason I went with the pst instead of the gst (pst stands for petite shopping tote and gst stands for grand shopping tote) for one, it's less expensive and secondly, I'm only 5'2 so realistically, this bag doesn't look small on my arm.

Another new item is my BCBG leopard chiffon blouse. I think this is my new fave blouse! It's sheer and has a pocket on both sides of the chest. The color is so beautiful.

BCBG blouse, Chanel pst, H&M Shorts

All I ever wanted was a bad bitch in a Chanel bag ;)
H & M high waisted shorts. I have them in black and teal as well

This is my first time buying NYX lipsticks and I love them! I also bought a new eyeshadow for my quad. I was using espresso to fill in my eyebrows but it was too dark so my makeup PRO girlfriend Andrea told me she used Charcoal Brown so I bought  that and it looked perfect! Thanks boo!
Here are the colors/names of the NYX lipsticks. One is nude and one is pink. The only colors I wear.
Contouring with Nars Laguna bronzer and Benefit Hoola bronzer

So that's about it for my recent purchases. Hope you enjoyed it!

Nicole Courchaine

Nude on nude <3 The 2 best things in the world, Chanel & Loubs

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just thought I'd share...

I just wanted to share with you guys a few things I'm working on right now. I'm designing my 2013 collection for my swimwear line, Heiress Swimwear. I cannot WAIT to release the photos for this line. It's nothing like I've made before which I love! It's ultra glamorous, chic and sexy. The styles will be made differently as well. I've been in business "officially" for over a year now. I started designing in February, started my company in April and released my 2011 collection for sale in August. Because my first collection was released in August, I missed bikini season completely!  I started my 2012 collection in October to be ready for Vancouver fashion week in November (very rushed) so basically, this was my first year for both my 2011 and 2012 collection. I've made many mistakes along the way, many things I could have done differently but it's all a learning process and i've grown because of it as a designer and business owner. For 2013 I'm ready to showcase something entirely new, different and ridiculously fabulous.

Take a look HERE at my favorite album on facebook! "Spotted in Heiress Swimwear" I'm so happy I started this album a year ago! Nothing makes me happier than to see so many sexy women in my suits!   

I'm also working on a youtube channel! I've been following beauty guru's for about 6 months now on youtube and it's inspired me to do my own. I filmed my first video a few days ago on a makeup tutorial but it was very amature looking LOL so I'm going to play with the lighting, editing etc so if all goes well I will have my first video up and running this week :) I hope you guys will subscribe and watch my tutorials on makeup, hair, fashion etc. If there are any specific videos you'd like to see me do tutorials on, please leave me a comment and I will gladly do that for you.

I'll be doing a tutorial on one of my fave hairstyles, the sockbun!

My Stiletto Nails

Anyways, this was just a quick update on what's going on in my life right now. I will be doing a new blog post soon on a few new purchases. One purchase in particular I am EXTREMELY excited about. I definitely spoiled myself with this item!!! Can't wait to share!!!


Saturday, August 4, 2012


I'm obsessed with Khloe's color
I think I've done the most damage to my hair in the last 7 years than a person does in their lifetime. I didn't start dying my hair until I was 18, in grade 12. My natural color is light/medium brown and extremely thick. Over the past 7 years, I've tried 3 differen't kinds of extensions and went platinum blonde twice. I started out with fusion extensions, switched to a weave when I was 20 and had weaves on and off for 4 years. Last year I switched to tape extensions which I had for about a year and took out 3 months ago. Extensions in general are very damaging to your hair, no matter what kind. You'll lose some of your own hair to the bonds whether it's glue, tape, sewed in etc. I'm now extension free (AND LOVING IT) using clip in extensions when I go out (which is rare I'm such a home body lol) so I probably wear them once a week or once every two weeks. My hair is finally growing but it's not nearly as thick as it used to be. I'm sure after time it will eventually get back to normal. The bleaching for 3 or 4 years didn't help the growing process lol. Looking back at photos of when I was blonde I regret not going back to being a brunettte years ago. I thought blonde was super sexy and stood out but now I feel that way about brunettes and not blondes lol
When I was a blonde..

Ombre hair 6 months ago (tape extensions)
Straight hair

These were the first set of clip ins I bought after the tape in extensions were taken out. They were $200 and 18" long
Same extensions, curled with a 1 1/2 curling iron
Hot tools curling Iron I use. I wrap the hair around this like it's a wand. Excuse the dirtiness lol
My newest extensions, Luxy Hair
I ordered dark brown, 160 grams
Luxy hair. I don't tease my hair I use Got2B powderful and SWEAR by this product

Best product ever. Will always repurchase this
One of my fave hairstyles right now, the sock bun
what I use to achieve this look. purchased at Sally's a few months ago

Straight hair don't care! Luxy extensions

Love love love this new pony tail style I've been wearing. I wrap the pony tail with my hair to hide the hair tie. It gives it more of a sophisticated look (I think so anyways lol)

Now onto products I currently use! I'm always trying new hair products out and will continue to do so. Any great recommendations are more than welcome :)

Love Moroccan products I've been using these for about 6 months, the oil for over a year

Newest products I've purchased
All the current products I'm using

I'm not going bald I swear LOL I heard about this product from CarliBel55's youtube channel. I have thick hair but when I wear my hair up I don't have the perfect hair line, but with this product I do!!!! lol it's a hair thickener you spray on any thin spots (mine is on one side of my temple) and it looks perfect. It's by Jerome Russel. I wear my hair up everyday so this is perfect! I'll post pics of before and after using this on my next post to show you guys. It washes out btw.

I NEVER blow dry my hair. I always let it air dry naturally. I don't straighten./curl/style my hair during the week either I just wear it in a messy bun.
Sorry my pictures are a bit repetitive and I post a few of the same ones but I honestly don't go out often but I always take pics when I do :)

So that's about all I use for my hair. Any questions let me know!