Thursday, August 2, 2012

Heiress Swimwear SALE!!

I just wanted to do a quick post on the sale I'm doing right now! 40% off the two selected styles above, Diva(my personal fave from the 2011 collection) and Heartbreaker. This is our biggest sale to date. 40% off for two days, starting tomorrow, August 3rd to August 4th!!!

I'm going to do sales like this all through out August! If you've had your eye on a certain style from the 2011 collection, chances are I'll be putting them on sale for 2 days at 40% off!

 The above photo is of myself wearing Diva, which is my personal fave from the 2011 collection. Anytime I tan outside or by the pool I wear this bikini. The fit and cut is amazing! Buy Diva HERE tomorrow at 40% off. This comes to $60.48 after tax. The original cost is $100.80 !!!

In the two photos above is my friend Leigh Brandt, IFBB pro and cover model wearing Heartbreaker.
 Buy Heartbreaker HERE tomorrow at 40% off. This comes to $60.48 after tax. The original cost is $100.80 !!!




  1. you should do makeup tutorials on youtube!!

    1. I was actually contemplating that!! So I probably will :)

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