Sunday, August 12, 2012

Recent Purchases

I'm soooooo beyond excited about my recent purchases!! Mainly for one item in particular of course.... My new Chanel pst tote in nude/beige with gold hardware. I've been contemplating for the past month whether I should get the black pst, the black gst or the nude/beige pst. I don't typically purchase extravagant items like this often so when I do, I choose wisely. Chanel is definitely an investment. It's very expensive but worth it because if taken care of properly, it can last a life time and also it can be resold close to the retail price. I went with the caviar leather as opposed to lambskin leather simply for the fact that lambskin is very delicate and caviar is much more durable. I plan on using my pst tote as my everyday bag so I need durable. The reason I went with the pst instead of the gst (pst stands for petite shopping tote and gst stands for grand shopping tote) for one, it's less expensive and secondly, I'm only 5'2 so realistically, this bag doesn't look small on my arm.

Another new item is my BCBG leopard chiffon blouse. I think this is my new fave blouse! It's sheer and has a pocket on both sides of the chest. The color is so beautiful.

BCBG blouse, Chanel pst, H&M Shorts

All I ever wanted was a bad bitch in a Chanel bag ;)
H & M high waisted shorts. I have them in black and teal as well

This is my first time buying NYX lipsticks and I love them! I also bought a new eyeshadow for my quad. I was using espresso to fill in my eyebrows but it was too dark so my makeup PRO girlfriend Andrea told me she used Charcoal Brown so I bought  that and it looked perfect! Thanks boo!
Here are the colors/names of the NYX lipsticks. One is nude and one is pink. The only colors I wear.
Contouring with Nars Laguna bronzer and Benefit Hoola bronzer

So that's about it for my recent purchases. Hope you enjoyed it!

Nicole Courchaine

Nude on nude <3 The 2 best things in the world, Chanel & Loubs


  1. I recently bought that NYX lipstick (the nude one) too, I love it! And I use Espresso for my brows! It does get too dark if you use too much and I hate that, maybe I'll try Charcoal Brown. I need to stock up anyway, thank god for having a MAC card lol. I was debating on buying one of the Naked palettes, but I can't deicide! I usually don't prefer to buy palettes because I end up falling in love with one color that they don't sell separately :-/ Anyway… deff do a tutorial on your hair! & what products you use etc. Hair is not my forte and whenever I attempt to curl/wave my hair it never stays! And you always have the best hair! Lol ttyl girl <3

    1. omg i need a mac card lol i spend too much money there!! Ya Charcoal Brown made such a diff it looks similar to espresso when i put them side by side but when i used it it was amazing! so much lighter and more natural :) I was comparing both Naked palettes in store and I went with the naked 2 just because i found the colors more wearable for me. Aww thanks love! I'll do hair tutorials/products asap as soon as i figure out how to edit my videos lol!

  2. Love your blog!!! Thanks I will continue enjoying it.

  3. you should check out some of the blouses bebe has. they are actually really good quality, i think you would really like some of them

    1. I actually only used to shop at Bebe and Marciano a few years ago! I havent shopped at either store in a while but I`ll definitely check out Bebe! thanks :)