Thursday, September 27, 2012

Celebrity Inspired Fall Fashion Looks

I've had multiple requests to do a post regarding fall fashion, similar to my previous fashion/brand name post. See my previous summer fashion post HERE . Every time a new season arrives, I make a list in my phone(i'm a geek I know) and I list all of my must have/next purchases for the season. Most of my looks are celebrity inspired. I frequent websites that break down a celebrities outfit by brand, making it easy to seek these items to purchase. I never purchase anything that isn't on my list. Impulse buys are usually a waste and I never end up wearing the items. I buy one or two things on my list per month (unless the items are inexpensive, then I'll purchase more). Each time I purchase an item on my list, I cross it off and continue to go down my list. This might sound a bit OCD but I'd prefer to have a few key pieces that I LOVE and can wear with multiple looks all season. In my fall fashion post(see HERE) I added a few items on my wish list which included leather pants, helmut lang sweaters, motorcycle boots, fur etc and I've already purchased these items for fall/winter and it's only September lol. If you love fashion as much as I do, try this method and see if it's useful to you!
Here are a few looks  I've put together. Most of these looks I haven't even worn yet but I will definitely be rockin as soon as it cools down and actually looks like fall (I'm so ready for no more sun!!!)

First look is Kim Kardashian in Report Signature OTK boots, Siwy jeans & Paula Bianco Scarf. I've had these Report Signature boots for over two years now and ADORE them. I wear these the most during fall/winter.
Here's my version of the outfit! Report Signature boots, Paula Bianco scarf and Siwy Jeans. One of my favorite items to wear during fall/winter is my Paula Bianco scarves. I have a white and black but I plan on getting a few more colors soon. They are SO comfy, cozy and warm!

A few celebrities in Paula Bianco scarves

Kim K in the white infinity scarf I have

I posted this picture in my previous fashion post. Report Signature OTK boots. These boots will be in the majority of my photos. Definitely a favorite of mine. So easy to walk in and looks amazing with any outfit.

YSL logo t-shirt. I love love love this shirt! I`m wearing the same one Justin Bieber is wearing. Black with a black velvet YSL logo.

I LOVE wearing a t-shirt with a blazer and motorcycle boots! YSL logo T, J brand skinny jeans, Hermes belt, H & M blazer, Gucci motorcycle boots

Gucci Edie ankle motorcycle boots. I`m wearing these in the majority of my photos, as I will be all fall and winter. I have a tall pair of coach motorcycle boots but I`ve been obsessing over an ankle pair.

Kim K in Report Signature OTK, black jeans, white blazer & scarf

Here`s my version! Report Signature OTK, J Brand black jean leggings, white Zara blazer and Alexander Mcqueen scarf

Olesya Malinskaya, Russian model and total fashionista. Her wardrobe is unbelievable!
My version. Armani Exchange jacket, Christian Louboutin gazolina OTK boots and leather pants

Helmut lang silk, asymmetrical knit sweater. These were the top items on my list. I`ve purchased two so far and would like to get a few more, preferrably black. I have grey and beige. I love, love love these sweaters. One of my favorite items and will wear these all the time. I love that you can dress them up or down and wear them with multiple different looks.

Here are the two Helmut Lang sweaters I purchased. The only down fall to these is they snag so easy :( I haven`t even worn the one on the right but even just trying it on I`ve already snagged it. They are a silk, knit material so they are very delicate.

Here`s one look with the Helmut Lang sweater. Comfy and dressed down with LNA leggings and Jimmy Choo Uggs. I highly recommend purchasing the LNA leggings. They are on the expensive side(around $100) but worth it. I wear them all the time and they`re still in perfect condition.

I discovered these LNA leggings on Monica Rose`s blog (celebrity stylist) visit her amazing blog HERE
The far right photo of Kim wearing these leggings shows the material best, thick spandex( I don`t know how else to describe it lol)

LNA zipper leggings, this is the pair that I own
rosie huntington-whiteley in helmut lang sweater, leather pants

My version. Helmut Lang sweater, Guess leather pants, Tory Burch flats. I wore a pair of American Apparel leather leggings last year but I prefer the look of leather pants over leggings

Here`s a few differen`t looks, all with the same items. Knit sweaters, leather pants and motorcycle boots(in first pic)

Beige Helmut Lang sweater, Guess leather pants, Gucci motorcycle boots

My version of the photo above. Paula Bianco scarf, Helmut lang sweater, Guess leather pants, Tory Burch flats. I would also wear this look with motorcycle boots.
This is a cute, comfy, casual look. NY hat, Wildfox sweater, LNA zipper leggings, Adidas high tops
Gucci hat, Gucci scarf, LNA leggings, Jimmy Choo uggs.

Celebrities In Jimmy Choo Mandah Uggs. I purchased these last fall and wear them all the time.

Burberry scarf, BCBG sweater, LNA leggings, Sam Edelman jackson OTK boots

Kim K in leopard print blouse and leather pants

My version. BCBG leopard print blouse. Guess leather pants, Christian Louboutin daffodil pumps

Nicole Scherzinger in a lace top, black fur vest, skinny jeans and christian louboutin daffodil pumps
My version. Black lace tallula top(aritzia) Michael Kors faux fur vest, J Brand skinny jeans, Christian Louboutin Daffodil pumps

These last two looks are my favorite. Fur vest, printed blouse, leggings and OTK boots. The first look is Kim wearing the Report Signature OTK boots, the second is the Christian Louboutin Gazolina OTK boots
My version. BCBG leopard print blouse, Michael Kors faux fur black vest, Guess leather pants, Christian Louboutin Gazolina OTK Boots.

J Lo in the Gazolina thigh thighs

So that`s a little preview of my fall fashion, celebrity inspired looks. As you can see I wear the same items in different ways to create different looks. That`s why I prefer to spend more on a few key items and get more looks out of one item!

 Leave a comment if you have any questions!



  1. Hey girl, love the post! 1) you say you visit websites that break down celeb outfits, could you recommend a few of these? 2) could you send the link in the reply to this on where I can buy the Armani exchange jacket. I love it but can't seem to find it. Your style is fierce. Love from the UK :D

  2. thank you so much!! The two websites i frequent that break down celebrity outfits are and

    The Armani Exchange jacket was from last winter but I just looked on their site and found this jacket that is almost identical and the same price i paid:

    hope that helps!!

    1. Thankyou so much! Also, where is the blazer from in the first photo (the pic with the bianca scarf) Is it the h&m one you were talking about further down? X

    2. of course :) i love answering questions! The black blazer is from H&M and the white is Zara. they both fit great! xo

  3. Best post so far :) !!!
    BTW where did you buy your helmut lang sweaters?? Are they worth the money? I wouldn't want it to snag easily... and not wear it again:/
    thanks girl

    1. thanks so much! I purchased mine online, last call neiman marcus. They look and feel beautiful but they are too delicate, both sweaters have snagged in a few places just by trying them on. I'm not sure if you live in canada but aritzia carries basically the same sweater for half the price. I just love Helmut lang so I had to have them!

  4. This is awsome I love it, thanks Nicole , your an inspiration!! Keep updating :) The pics as well. Question, do you have a signature purse for everyday use? Or do u change with every outfit?

    1. thank you :) so glad you love it! I wear the same Chanel purse with every outfit! I blogged about it a few months ago, the chanel pst in nude/beige. I chose this color because it goes with everything!

  5. Nicole !

    Loving these tips, making it a lot easier for us girls :p Is there any type of new fall fashion hair styles ?! I am looking for something new, sooo bored with my hair. What's something fun and different yet classy and fashionable? HELP

  6. aww yay so glad my posts are helpful :) well ombre is out, but framing the face with a lighter shade is in! When my hair is healthy enough I'll be adding a light brown to my medium/dark brown around my face and mixed in through out the bottom half of my hair. Hope that helps! xoxoxo

  7. U are hot sweetie! can you do a post on ur favourite dresses (for parties/date nights etc) just a suggestion X

    1. thank you <3 yes i can do a post on dresses soon :)

  8. I really love how you pull inspiration from celebrities and make them your own! I also love how you incorporated the leather leggings into so many different outfits; shows how one staple piece can go a long way! Your outfits remind me so much of celebrity outfits in my Celebrity x Fashion collection on SocialBliss!

  9. thank you so much!! :) Just checked out yours as well, love it!!

  10. Omg I absolutely love your style!! That white scarf that you have... where did you buy it from? I saw that brand on this website and I was thinking of buying one before.. but i'm wondering if you can buy those scarves locally in Vancouver? Cause then I won't have to pay for shipping lol. I'm also wondering where you got your black YSL top because i've been trying to look for one too!

    Please do more postings like this because you are amazing help! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much!! :):) The Paula Bianco scarf was a gift for my birthday a few years ago, I believe it was purchased from I believe Revolve clothing has Paula Bianco scarves and they offer free shipping :) I haven't came across any in stores downtown though. I hate paying for shipping too! I do a lot of online shopping so I actually have a PO box at Sumas washington border so shipping is either free or very cheap and I dont have to wait :) The YSL T is actually my mans lol it's an XL i just tuck it in but i'm not sure where he got it! I'll ask and let you know! I will do a similar post again soon!!

      thanks so much for reading! :)

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  12. Love your leather pants with your Reva flats. I put a similar look together here