Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Heiress Swimwear 2013 at Vancouver Fashion Week!!

I've mentioned Vancouver Fashion Week MANY times on my Facebook & Twitter pages but  haven't had a chance to blog about it yet.

Let me just start off by saying I am ECSTATIC about being a part of Vancouver Fashion Week for the second year now! I was lucky enough to be a part of it last year as I had only been in business for a few months prior to fashion week, so that was huge for my brand! I had an amazing first experience but of course, it's a learning process so I'm excited to modify a few minor details this year and bring something entirely different this year ;)

 Jamal Abdourahman has been more than accommodating to a new designer and made my first experience unforgettable. Thank you Jamal! The entire staff at Vancouver Fashion Week is amazing!!! So helpful. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to set up for the show without the consistent correspondence between myself and the staff.

This year I've designed my 2013 collection to be entirely different than the first two collections. For the first year I had been playing entirely with sizing alone! It's honestly much harder than you'd imagine to perfect the sizes. 2011, 2012 and 2013 are all sized differently but i'd like to think I've now perfected it after three collections! LOL! I cannot WAIT to debut this new collection next week!!!!!! It's nothing like I've made before which I love! It's ultra glamorous, chic and sexy.

I would LOVE for any fans of Heiress Swimwear to come out and support Vancouver Fashion Week and my debut!! Friday, September 21st at 6:40. If the time changes I will definitely make changes to this post immediately.

Lastly, I cannot forget to mention one of the most exciting aspects of Fashion Week, THE FASHION!!! Not only are the new designs on the runway fabulous, but the fashion backstage, the designers, the models, the crowd, everyone is screaming fabulous!! I ADORE fashion in every way possible, as I'm certain most do but Vancouer Fashion Week is the perfect atmosphere for fashionistas! I have two new amazing outfits I purchased specifically for next weekend that I am dying to wear ;)

My gorgeous model wearing my favorite bikini, Temptation last year

Another beautiful model in Infatuation's original design

An Article about myself and Heiress Swimwear at Fashion Week.

Visit Van Fashion Week's facebook fanpage HERE 
Follow them on twitter: VanFashionWeek
Lastly, visit their website here HERE

Stayed tuned for a follow up blog post after Fashion Week!!



  1. That's so amazing how much you have accomplished in only a year! I wish I lived near you or I'd totally go! Good luck with everything, you're so talented! Can't wait to see the new line! Xoxo

    1. thank you so much beautiful !! you're so sweet I truly appreciate it <3

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  3. Rocking collection and very stylish.Nice,i was looking for same