Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heiress Swimwear 2013 Collection At Vancouver Fashion Week!!

As most of you can see, this is my new banner for my blog. I'm very proud of my new collection which was showcased at Vancouver Fashion Week on Friday, September 21st.

Let me just start off by saying this show exceeded my expectations by far. I was happy with my show last year but this was honestly amazing. My 2013 collection blows my first two collections out of the water. It's still sexy, but ultra luxurious and glamorous. The two high waisted styles were the biggest hits of the night! I LOVE that high waisted/retro bikinis are back in style!! They are flattering on any shape or size! The accessories that were used this year compliment the bikinis so well. I've used chain in all three collections but for 2013 it looks much cleaner and classier. Simplicity is what makes a bikini sexy in my opinion. All of my bikinis represent that this year. Simple, seamless(this is the first year using a seamless finish and it looks amazing and classic)glamorous, luxurious, sexy and classy.
The feedback backstage, on stage, from the models, press etc was unbelievable. This night meant so much to me and all the wonderful things everyone said made it unforgettable. For a designer and a new business owner, I can't imagine a more effective way to get your name out there. I can't thank Vancouver Fashion Week, Jamal and my models enough for this experience. My models were perfect for my designs. They were beautiful and had perfect bodies!! Complimented my swimwear perfectly. My friends and family being there meant the world to me. I have such an amazing support group around me that makes it all worth it.

I'll be adding photos, videos and any press related material to my blog as I receive it. For now, this is what I've gathered so far.

With my gorgeous, VERY TALL models lol I'm wearing 6 1/2 loubs and I still look like a midget up to them!

Happy girl!

High waisted bottoms with a strapless bra top, adorned with silver studs. The most popular look from the show
Another black, seamless style adorned with silver studs! Halter top with side, tied bottoms

Silver sequin bikini. I used these sequins last year(on showgirl) and the chain(chain reaction) so I thought it would be fun to combine the two! Top is super simple, sliding triangle top to go with the amazing bottoms!
Royal blue halter top with booty short cut bottoms. Adorned with silver, crystal like hardware
Sexy black one piece

Soft purple, strappy bikini.

One of my favorite colors for this year! Teal/mint/turquiose seamless bikini with silver hardware

One of my favorite styles. A gorgeous blue/grey color with silver, crystal like hardware
I have a lot of favorites, but this is one of the top faves! This burgundy color is amazing. It looks perfect with the gold hardware!

Using the same teal color because I love it so much. This chain is the same I used on Temptation last year. Temptation was one of our biggest sellers so I wanted to reinvent it!

This style was another popular one on the runway. This is the same sequin fabric I used on Diva from my 2011 collection but it's my favorite from that collection so I thought it would be perfect for the high waisted look!

I'm probably over using the word favorite lol but the word is completely necessary for this style. So simple yet so classy and sexy! The simplicity of it makes it a favorite of mine.

I created three simple, silk chiffon tunics for this collection. An ombre purple, a black with silver hardware down the front and an open white style (you'll see in the video I'm linking below)

I LOVE this backstage shot!!

And this shot of the models being interviewed backstage!

Myself perfecting the models before hitting the stage

Myself with a few of the models backstage. My fiance actually designed the white and black bra bikini and the red one piece lol he's amazing and just involved the swimwear line as I am!

With my bff Erin watching the shows before mine

My wonderful girlfriends <3

My beautiful mother and myself

My gorgeous girlfriends Cody and Nikki(my twin!)

Richelle, Mal, Myself, Court, Erin & Kat. Love them so much!
The Alexander Wang dress I wore, worn by Blake Lively & Khloe Kardashian

Who wore it best?!

Walking the runway!

From Van Fashion Week's opening gala

Here's the link to the video of my show by Channel Van Media. Thank you for this!
Watch the video HERE

As I stated above, I will be adding additional photos, videos, interviews etc as I receive them. I'd love to hear feedback and your favorite styles from the new collection.



  1. OMG I love them all! Congrats girlie! I think the turquoise one with the gold chains & the black/white lace one are my faves! And the black high-waist one with the silver studs is gorgeous! I have hips so I feel like high-waist anything looks weird on me lol but I love that one! And I am OBSESSED with that Alexander Wang dress- it looked perfect on you! <3

    1. thank you so much love!!! so happy with this collection <3 that dress would look hot on you;)

  2. Amazing!!!!!!! I love you and your designs! May I ask where your jeans are from in the last pic? Xx

    1. thank you so much <3 the jeans are jbrand and fit amazing :)

    2. Thanks! May I ask for some fashion advice as well please seeing as you're amazing with it all. I received a pair of dark blue converse for my birthday from my teen sister, I'm more of a heels type of girl normally and never wear converse but seeing as my sissy bought them for me, I want to wear them. What would you wear with them? I'm thinking maybe just a tank top and some skinny jeans. What do you think? X

    3. I LOVE converse high tops! I've been wanting a pair forever but last time I went to buy them they were out of my size so I went with the adidas. I would wear them with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans, leggings more often tho with t-shirts, tank tops or off the shoulder sweaters! :)