Sunday, October 21, 2012

OOTD Saturday/Wedding Attire

Yesterday was a very special day. I attended a very close friend of mine, Mallory's wedding!! The wedding was fabulous. She looked unbelievably gorgeous and her husband Chris looked very handsome as well. The food was amazing, the decor was beautiful, the entire day was perfect. So very happy for them both!

For my outfit, I wore a silk dress by Parker, Christian Louboutin lady peeps in nude and a Chanel pst bag in nude as well. The dress is very classy and beautiful. Perfect for a wedding or formal event. I intend on buying it in another color!

Buy the exact same Parker dress I wore HERE in the color blush.

My hair looked very fabulous for the first hour lol. The photo to the right was right after I finished curling it. I used a 1 1/2 inch curling iron and curled away from my face. I had requests on instagram to do a tutorial on this look so I promise to film my first tutorial this week!

My natural hair is very thick (even after all the damage i've done to it over the past few years) so my hair always loses it's curl after about an hour lol i HATE it! I use a lot of hair spray too and it still doesn't hold. If anyone has any tips on how to make a curl hold longer, please share :)

My outfit. Photo taken right after curling my hair.

My hair an hour later lol

Silk dress by Parker in the color blush

Close up of the hair and heels!

Chanel pst

With my boo before the wedding

wedding reception

With Court, Erin and Richelle at the reception

With my beautiful bffs

The beautiful maid of honor

Photo booth fun!!


Accessories make the outfit <3


  1. Try a curling wand, I find they hold curl better than a curling iron.

    1. thank you! when I want loose waves I wrap my hair around the curling iron instead of clamping it in but i'll try purchasing a wand :)