Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sunday's OOTD at High Tea

On Sunday I met my fabulous girlfriend's at Fairmont's Pacific Rim in Vancouver for high tea. I sipped on earl grey tea, snacked on sushi and of course, chatted up a storm. Typical women of course!

I went shopping this weekend and went a little crazy at H & M. I purchased these burgundy faux leather pants that I wore on Sunday. They fit amazing, the color is my fave for this season and they were only $34.99!

If anyone would like to see a blog post on what I purchased from H & M, leave a comment and I'll do that for you :)

I paired the faux leather pants with a bright white Equipment Signature silk blouse, Hermes belt and Christian Louboutin gazolina suede thigh high boots (which kill my feet btw, as most Loubs do). I intended on wearing this outfit with a black faux fur Michael Kors vest but it was surprisingly sunny out, so I went without it.

My outfit inspo! Ciara in the same blouse I wore, Leather pants and Loubs!

Equipment Signature silk blouse in bright white. The quality of this blouse is incredible. Definitely worth  the expensive price tag. I intend on purchasing this blouse in more colors soon!

So in love with these boots. I wish they didn't abuse my poor feet the way they do lol

I'm so in love with these pants!! I'm obsessing over anything burgundy/wine color this season



  1. You look marvelous! This outfit really looks good on you. And since you asked... I'd love to see you wearing your purchases from H & M. :->

    Thanks for posting this.

    1. thank you so much! I'll be sure to do that post this week :)

  2. do you know if theres anywhere I can find the gazolina boots? I have looked EVERYWHERE and have had no luck I know they're an older style but I'm obsessed with them!
    love your blog xo

    1. I don't think they can be purchased at stores anymore because they are a few seasons old but I've seen them on ebay!

  3. I've seen pics of you in these pants and I had no idea they were H&M! I thought they were some expensive designer real leather lol cuz I just got these too (in red and black) and I was thinking "ok these are the cheap version of the ones Nicole has." haha- I love them! :-)

    1. Lol !! That's my bad I always forget to write faux leather!! Aren't they amazing for $40?! I need the black pair too! Post pics:)