Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fashion/My Style Icons

I've always had a deep love for fashion, as most women do but now fashion consumes my life (in a healthy way of course). I've always been partial to an expensive price tag, that doesn't necessarily mean you have "style". The quote above is true in every way, "Fashions fade, style is eternal". It's easy to buy the lastest trends and what's selling in every store (remember when Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier were considered popular LOL) yes we all make fashion mistakes, that definitely being one of them I'm guilty of taking part in, but these are factors that all contribute to the quote above. Following the latest fashion and trends are part of our lifestyle, but your individual style is what sets you apart from the rest. My style has changed immensely over the past few years and I now have an appreciation for classy, timeless items. For my birthday last week I wore a Diane Von Furstenberg silk wrap dress. I can't think of anything classier and more stylish than DVF. I would have never worn that a few years ago, not because I didn't like it, but because I didn't care about brands like that then, I probably would have went to Bebe or Marciano. Now with that being said, wearing DFV doesn't automatically labels you a "fashionista" but appreciating such a classic, timeless piece and knowing how to wear it does (in my opinion).

Now, I buy Vogue and In Style every month. In each magazine, you'll come across pages I've added post it notes to (with notes I've written on each post it) folded pages down I love and even highlight certain brands and ideas I have that I need and can incorporate in my life. I don't usually impulse buy in stores. If I do go in a store and there's something I like, I need to LOVE it and can already picture what I can wear it with in my closet. If I can't, I most likely won't wear it and I've wasted my money. Unless I'm in Zara. Then these rules don't apply lol It seems I can justify having every piece of clothing in that store. I have a note in my phone which I'm constantly adding to, titled "Current Needs" If it's not on my list, I don't buy it.

I browse all my favorite websites; revlove, singer22, shopbop, intermix, neimans, saks, along with celebrity fashion websites such as starstyle and celebrity style guide and spend more time than I'd like to admit, researching discovering new brands, what brands are reoccuring and simply just what I love. Brands like Equipment, Parker, Elizabeth & James, Helmut Lang, Vince, DVF, Theory, J Brand, Rag & Bone, these are all reoccuring brands I see on ALL of these websites, so it's safe to assume these brands are in demand for a reason. Then my obsessions start. Once I discover a new brand, I feel it's necessary to purchase as many items as I can LOL some obssesions are healthy, right?

Okay I've probably bored everyone with my fashion speech so on to the purpose of my post, "My Style Icons". This post is dedicated to my style icons, who I idolize in the fashion world and who I look to for inspiration.

The Olsen twins. Specifically Ashley Olsen. I am madly in love with this woman for the obvious reasons, she's beautiful, self made, has a very successful clothing line(which I adore) and is the epitome of a fashionista.

This outfit is perfection. A classic silk blouse, leather pants and YSL Tribtoo pumps.

In Love


Miranda Kerr. This Vicoria's secret model is obviously beautiful, but her style is timeless and eludes class and sophistication.

Wearing a sleeveless Equipment Signature silk blouse. I have this blouse with sleeves but I need this sleeveless one in my life for spring/summer.

Loving the top knot hair style

Kate Moss. No explanation necessary. She's iconic.

Let me know your thoughts on this post and if you'd like to see more of my style icon's in future posts. Tomorrow I'll be doing a post on what items i'm lusting for and I intend on purchasing!

Love Nicole

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My High Tea Birthday Party!!

Happy Birthday to me! It's my birthday today and I'm now 26 years old and happier at 26 than I was at 19 or 20. I'm much happier with my life and having a career that I'm extremely passionate about. I feel very blessed and to share my birthday with the most amazing friends in the world means everything to me! One of my very sweet girlfriend's booked high tea at Fairmont Vancouver hotel for this past sunday and it was amazing! Couldn't have asked for a more perfect birthday.

Group shot! Nikki, Tiffany, Cody, Erin, Richelle, Courtenay, Katelyn and myself.

I literally have the most beautiful friends ever! As you can see we are all very different in height and I am very short lol

I ordered Earl Grey tea. It was yummy!

Isn't this tea party set up at Fairmont fabulous?!
Ahhhhh. The food!! I can't even describe how much I love the food lol my absolute favorite is the
devonshire cream. It's DIVINE!


My flowers get their own chair lol so spoiled!!!

Black and white! Love these women so much <3

Twin love

The hottest twins EVER

Seriously so blessed!

I can't get over how stunning Nikki's hair is! (on the right and yes it's real!!) and I LOVE Cody as a brunette!

With Kat & Court. Again, friends i've had in my life for years who i've grown up with in Mission!

I'm sounding a little repetitive but I just love my gorgeous friends so much LOL

Erin, on the left has been my BFF for 13 years. We met the first day of highschool, grade 8 in home room and became inseparable ever since<3
Kat is one HOT MAMA!

My outfit details!!!! I'm OBSESSED with my Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress! It's 100% silk and was a perfect choice for a tea party. Paired with YSL Tribtoo's and my new Chanel flap bag!
This dress is so flattering!! It's loose and comfy because it's a wrap dress but still shows off your curves at the waist. I'll definitely purchase another DVF wrap dress!

Lucky girl<3

This all took place Sunday. Today was another perfect way to celebrate my birthday! I woke up to this amazing surprise from my fiance
Surprises like this make my heart melt!

The cake is actually all cream cheese icing on top (other than the bow which is made of fondant) and it's red velvet on the inside with more cream cheese icing. YUMMMMY

I may have had this for breakfast with my coffee.... oops :)

He also surprised me and took me to the salon for a pedi :)

Before dinner. This is probably the first time getting ready and going out rockin my natural hair, no extensions!! I don't know why but to me, my hair looks super short and I LOVE long, sexy hair, hence why I'm always wearing extensions when I go out. I'm lucky I have very thick hair though, just need to embrace the length now lol

We went to Glowbal and I tried the truffle cream spagetti and meatballs. I have a new love in my life and this is it lol seriously the yummiest dinner I've ever had at a restaurant!!!

And lastly, my birthday gift

The other new love of my life!!! The Chanel medium size flap bag. Heaven.

Again, I am very grateful and happy for all the amazing people I have in my life. I truly am blessed!

I hope you enjoyed this birthday post!! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :)

Love Nicole