Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Current Favorite Beauty Products

Here's a list of all my current favorite must have beauty products! If you have any further questions on these products, please feel free to leave a comment as I love interacting with my readers :)

I'm also super excited about the new blogger app I just downloaded on my phone today! LOL it's literally cut my blogging time in half so I promise I will be blogging much more frequently because of this.

It's my birthday tomorrow so I will be doing a post on my birthday high tea party my girlfriends had for me at Vancouver Fairmont hotel on Sunday!

My current faves of the month!

Firstly, Cetaphil oily skin cleanser and moisturizing lotion. I've been seeing a dermatologist for the past few months regarding my sensitive skin. I've been breaking out and I developed a rash :( I seen a few doctors before seeing the specialist and each doctor asked me if I was using any new makeup products but I honestly wear makeup once every few weeks, and I mean absolutely nothing lol so it isn't caused by any new products i'm using. Maybe it's hormonal who knows! Anyways, the dermatalogist recommended I use Cetaphil so I purchased it from Walmart the same day and so far, no complaints! It doesn't irritate my skin and my skin has been quite clear since. So for around $6 each I'm happy.

My girlfriends Nikki, Cody and Tiffany got me some of my favorite Mac products for my birthday, which inlcuded my two favorite lipsticks, Creme De Nude and Creme Cup! My friends are amazing <3

I've been addicted to Vaseline since highschool. It will always be in my favorite beauty products for my lips. I use it every hour and have one of these by my bed for morning and night and one in my purse.

I was set on Mac's soft and gentle as my favorite highlighter but Nars Abatross has won my heart over lol It's beautiful and very subtle. If I had to choose 3 makeup products and could only wear those 3 items for the rest of my life, it would be a highlighter, a mascara and a foundation. I think a highlight on the cheek bones really completes a face and gives a glowing, dewy look.

Laura Mercier silk creme foundation. I'm always on the hunt for a new, amazing medium to full coverage foundation and this is one of my new favorites! It's silky, flawless finish is beautiful. I also use Makeup Forever HD foundation which I love as well but this is an entirely different finish. I actually went to purchase the Kat Von D locked up( I believe it's called) foundation but they're sold out in stores and online all across canada and the states :( so that will be my next foundation purchase when it's available. 

I was using the clear Duo lash glue previously but now that I've tried the dark tone, I'll never use clear again!

The beauty blender! I absolutely adore this product and the finish it provides when applying foundation.

Laura Mercier secret brightening powder. I use this to set my concealer. I was using Mac's prep and prime setting powder before the laura mercier but I find this product actually brightens my under eyes, which i love!

My all time FAVORITE perfume. I don't think I'll ever love another perfume as much as Lady Million. If anyone knows one that compares, please leave me a comment!

I've blogged about this Paul Mitchell extra body finishing spray in the past and it's still one of my must have favorite products! I adore this spray and the body it gives my hair.

Hot tools 1" curling iron. I use a 1 1/2 half for the top layer and bangs and this 1" for the remaining hair. Using a smaller curling iron for the heavier hair underneath makes the curl last much longer.

Smashbox primer. I actually purchased this from winners for $29.99 rather than $50 at Sephora. I love love love the feeling of this primer, but I can't wear it under the Laura Mercier foundation for some reason, so I wear it under the Makeup Forever foundation and I use my Laura Mercier primer for the Laura Mercier foundation.

YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick. The smell of this lipstick alone is reason enough to love it!

The color is nude 02

Another birthday gift from my beautiful friends! I've been dying to try this foundation brush!! SO happy :)

Blushes by Tarte and Mac. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect baby pink blush. These are the closest I've found to that and I've been using currently. They aren't exactly what I'm looking for yet, but still beautiful. I was really into Nars orgasm blush for the past few months but that's more of a pinky/peach color and currently I'm loving(and searching for)the perfect, super light pink.

That's about it for my current favorite beauty products! I'll try to do a monthly favorites for you guys as i'm always trying and loving new products.

Love Nicole


  1. can you please do a posting on how to properly apply hilighter? Also... how do you care for your beauty blender? Just rinse with soap and water each time? Thanks <3

    1. Of course! I actually just apply the highlighter with my finger and place it on the highest point of my cheek bones and i drag it down my cheekbone to around the center of my eye (if that makes sense) lol and a little goes a long way!

      I just use regular hand soap to wash my beauty blender!

      Hope that helps :)

    2. thanks so much :D I'll give those products a try!!