Monday, February 11, 2013

Isabel Marant Sneakers!

Ever since I saw Beyonce's "Love On Top" video, I've become OBSESSED with the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers and I now need them in my life. Like desperately. So those, along with the Celine bag (I think I've narrowed it down to wanting the black phantom croc) are next on my wish list.

I'm partial to the black pair because of Beyonce lol but I do also love the beige pair and the beige and black combo. What color do you guys like the most??

Seriously, this bag and those shoes... heaven

What are your thoughts on the Marant's? I know some people love them and some think they're hideous lol I wasn't a fan when I first seen them but now I'm seriously lusting over them.



  1. I need these in my life too!!! where can i get them? and do you know the price. i really like the beige but im leaning towards the black just cause it goes with everything

    1. You can purchase them at holt renfrew for around $1000!! Ahhh they're amaze

  2. $1000 is over expensive for me. I would live to shop a fake one from at $300.

  3. isabel marant sneakers is one of my favorite shoes. love it. :)

  4. ice post and the pictures of isabel marant sneakers are so great.

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