Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Products!! Skincare/Makeup

One of my guilty pleasures would definitely have to be watching YouTube tutorials on makeup and reviews on products. I watch them too often, more than I would like to admit lol for the past 6 months or so, I've been watching the same beauty guru and anything she talks about, I basically go out and buy. First it was makeup, now It's skin care as well. I don't have many skin care products as I didn't find it necessary. My skin is pretty decent, I get the odd break out here and there but all in all, it's quite clear. Now that I've been watching these videos and researching products, I've realized I was completely clueless before lol there's so many products I could have and should have been using! So in this post, I'll be showing you what I've purchased so far and i do intend on purchasing more soon! 

I currently have a list in the notes section in my phone on makeup and skin care products I need to purchase. I think I have over 50 items lol 

I'm looking for a new moisturizer and I would LOVE to read comments on your favorite ones!! I'd prefer higher end to drug store as I've purchased a few drug store moisturizers and I'm looking for a change. So please leave me a comment so we can discuss:)

Yesterday I went to guildford mall in Surrey and picked up a few items from Lush and Sephora. These are my first lush products and I love them so far!! 

*all of these products listed below I purchased based on YouTube reviews*

Love the feeling of this product! It's gentle but exfoliates at the same time.   

I wanted a mask that wasn't harsh on my skin as it can be sensitive at times. I used it last night and my skin felt really soft after. 
Bubble gum lip scrub. My lips are always chapped so this is perfect for me. It also tastes amazing 

And onto Sephora products. I LOVE that store lol 

I purchased the small bottle to try out and loved it so I purchased the larger bottle 

Josie Maran light argon oil. I started using this as a moisturizer and it's not greasy or heavy on my skin at all.

Ysl lip stain in 18. This is my first lip stain and love it! The color is a gorgeous, baby pink, it reminds me of snob from Mac.

Hourglass veil primer. I have the smashbox and Laura Mercier primer and like them both but this one is by far my favorite. The texture is unbelievably silky. 

 Urban decay all night setting spray. I received a sample of this a while ago from sephora and fell in love. Before this I've never tried a setting spray so I really had no idea what I was missing! I usually get oily in my T zone after a few hours and have to touch up with powder but I don't have to do that at all when I use this spray! 

I have the naked 2 palette and prefer this palette by far. The colors are beyond gorgeous and they're super easy to blend.

Velour lashes in strike a pose. I've been seeing this brand everywhere for a few years now but I had absolutely no intentions on spending $40 on one pair of lashes. Well, I caved lol and I'm glad I did! They are AMAZING! There's such a difference between these real mink lashes compared to ardell lashes which I was using before. They're so natural and you can get up to 25 wears out of them. I used to purchase a new pair of ardell's anytime I needed lashes so realistically, you're saving money by purchasing these. shipping is free within Canada (and the states too I believe) and I received them within a few day. 

I also picked up a new pro long wear concealer, a lip liner and eye liner from Mac as well. 

Let me know if you guys like posts like this and if you'd like to see more or a post on the products I intend on purchasing. 



  1. I like the post, but I'm far more interested in the clothing/shoes aspect of the blog.

    1. Thank you for the input! I'll do a fashion related post this week/weekend <3

  2. U should try La Mer it did wonders for my skin

  3. I have pretty much all these products! Im obsessed! I would recommend chanel hydra beauty creme.

    1. I'll try that next! :) I've been obsessing over new products lately, I just want to try everything lol

  4. Michael Todd True Organics has the best moisturizers. I have sensitive skin & they are by far the best I've tried :)