Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Skincare Routine/Holy Grail Products

I've been on the hunt lately for skin care products that actually make a difference in my skin. In the past, I've tried many different drug store products but any products I've purchased, aren't worth repurchasing and I try something new every time.

But alas, I've FINALLY found my holy grail products that I will ALWAYS repurchase! 
I purchased all of these items in January and I've noticed an incredible improvement in my skin. I would get the odd blemish or two and break out once in a while but since I've started using these products, I haven't had one blemish since! My redness has diminished and the over all tone is more even.  

Almost all of these products were recommended by one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube and basically whatever she recommends, I buy lol bad habit. I know!

I apologize for the lighting in my washroom!

Josie Maran light argon oil. Even if you have oily skin like I do, argon oil is great for your skin, it's nourishing and leaves your skin super soft. I use the light oil as I do have normal to oily skin. I use this at night time only. Purchased from Sephora

Purity by Philosophy face wash. It's a 3 in 1 cleanser, removes makeup and is very gentle. It never leaves your skin irritated. Purchased from Sephora

Kiel's ultra facial toner. I've never used a toner before this because I had no idea what it was used for. It's basically used to restore the PH levels of your skin and helps refine the surface texture. Purchased from kiehl's

Kiehl's Ultra facial moisturizer. I absolutely love this moisturizer. It's so hydrating and luxurious feeling! I'm excited to try the night cream version! Purchased from Kiel's

Boscia luminizing black mask. What I love about this mask is that it's a peel off mask! But make sure to put it on thick or it's a bitch to try and peel off. Purchased from Sephora

Lush ocean salt scrub. I use this once or twice a week for a really deep clean. Purchased from Lush

Glamglow super mud clearing treatment face mask. Ahhhh. My favorite mask. After just one use, you can see and feel a difference in your skin! I typically wouldn't spend over $70 on a mask but if you YouTube the reviews, it really does work wonders. Purchased from Sephora

Lush Mask of magnaminty face mask. This is a great alternative mask if you're not looking to spend a lot. I love the cool feeling of mint when it's on and the way it leaves my face feeling once I wash it off. Highly recommend. Purchased from Lush

Lush cosmetic warrior face mask (not pictured because it's stored in the refrigerator) this mask is a newer purchase, I've only used it twice but i like it so far. It's a fresh mask so you have to keep it in the refrigerator and only lasts 3 weeks but it's very inexpensive. Purchased from Lush

Mario Bedescu drying lotion. Mario bedescu is known for this product! It's basically a zip zapper! Unfortunately I haven't had a blemish since I started this new routine but the reviews are amazing and this product has been around for years so I'm very excited to use it when needed. Purchased from the Mario Bedescu website 
Origins ginzing eye cream. My very first eye cream purchase! I've only used it a few times so no noticeable results yet but I love the brightening effect!

And the most important part of my skincare routine, the Clarisonic Mia 2 cleansing brush. I couldn't imagine spending almost $200 on a tool to cleanse my face but it's SO worth it. It doesn't wash your face, it deep cleanses your face. If you think about it, using your hands to wash your face is really just rubbing the product on the surface whereas this brush really gets in deep. This is what makes all the difference and I swear by it now!  Purchased from Sephora

That's it for my skin care routine. I really hope this post was informative! if you have any questions, please leave me a comment or email me

Clothing/bag/shoe haul coming soon!!



  1. Love it, lots of masks! Out of all the products, which do you think you'd most attribute to you breaking out less?

    1. All the masks definitely aren't necessary but i LOVE using masks lol I over do it! 100% the Clarisonic brush is what makes all the difference!! All the products in the world can't compare to the deep clean it provides

  2. The eye cream doesn't do much :( It feels great but nothing! I switched to Kate Somerville cytocell eye cream, also from Sephora. Expensive but works, I feel like cause of this one product my skin is more healthier now compared to highschooll! I want the Clarisonic brush!

    1. Ahhh really ?? I wanna try Kiel's eye cream after this one! Definitely get the Clarisonic brush!

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    1. Thanks so much!! I've added a few more products so I'll be doing a new post soon! So glad you found this post helpful :)