Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring/Summer Must Haves!

Given that it's March already(where has the time gone?!) spring shopping is definitely appropriate at this time of year and I've been doing just that lol I've purchased a few crop tops, high waisted jean shorts and tanks in stores and I have a few things I've ordered online as well. As soon as everything's in, I'll do a blog post :)

I've taken all these photos off Pinterest for some inspo. Some of my favorite looks and what I plan on rocking this season. 

High waisted jean shorts. Levi's especially. Last year, Aritzia carried these amazing vintage, high waisted Levi's shorts but they would sell out immediately, even after restocking numerous times so I wasn't able to purchase them:( I was in Aritzia last month and they had the Levi's again! But again, all the good sizes were sold out lol so I found the PERFECT pair on eBay. The seller has tons of them once I receive them and the fit is right, I'll order more :)
How amazing are these?! Seriously in love! My mom used to rock these years ago and they're still in style. Amazing.
These look exactly like the Levi's I ordered :)
Minus the studs. Not my thing!
My absolute favorite way to rock these high waisted shorts is like this. Paired with a crop top. Perfect
I adore floral for spring. I just bought a floral silk tank like this!
Khloe killllllllls this look!!!!! Definitely recreating this hot outfit.
Minus the scarf. 
Dressing jean shorts up right!

High waisted shorts & tanks 
Not loving this print on the shorts but this outfit is perfect!
With a blazer on top
Loving the long sleeved blouse with these high waisted leather shorts!
Love Eva's style!
 I can't get enough of this outfit and her.

Crop tops and skirts. One of my all time favorite looks.

Kendells outfit.
Adorable crop top.

Skirts & tops
Floral <3

White jeans are a staple!

And lastly, a few randoms I love
How feminine and gorgeous is this dress and Jessica Biel in it?! I love her!
Striped maxis are so trendy and comfy

I hope you enjoyed this post! 


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  1. This post was phenomenal! I saved tons of photos for inspiration. I hope you will post photos of you wearing these outfits this summer! More posts like this please, I love your blog! Chelsea