Monday, April 21, 2014

The 101 On Flats

As much as I love my heels, flats have my heart. Mainly because I wear them everyday versus heels, which I wear a few times a month. 

My thing was always heels. I could easily spend $1000 on a pair of Louboutin's. I know this may seem crazy to some, but it's a guilty pleasure that's more and more common now a days and I love it! I don't know why but I could justify spending $1000 on a pair of heels, but not on flats. I would wear inexpensive flats, runners & uggs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with rocking a pair of cheap flats, but if I'm willing to splurge on heels, why not do the same for my everyday shoes? Logical thinking, right? lol 

The first two pairs of flats/shoes I'm going to mention are hands down, my all time favorite shoes I own and I cannot wait to get them in other colors. They are absolutely worth the price in my opinion considering I wear them every single day. My daily struggle is deciding which pair I should wear #firstworldproblems I know. I cannot decide which I love more because they are both SO amazing! 

Chanel espadrilles $500 (they're sold out now and sell for $800 on eBay)
I honestly cannot live without my espadrilles! They can be dressed up or down and they're extremely comfy! I went to the chanel boutique in Holt Renfrew and they were sold out so I found this pair on eBay! I have the receipt from Neiman's & the box they came in. 
These espadrilles have been spotted on all the top fashion bloggers & celebrities and they're definitely worth the hype. I intend on buying them in various colors and the leather style as well!
Basically my everyday attire! Off the shoulder, baggy sweater & leggings or sweats.
I always need to bring my espadrilles to change into after wearing heels lol
Obsessed with her!

White is next on the list <3

Isabel Marant sneakers $600. I'm utterly in love with my Marants. I think every woman should own a pair! The great thing about this style in particular is that many brands replicate the sneaker wedge(there's a hidden 2 inch wedge) Steve Madden makes an exact replica of the Isabel Marant sneakers for $200 and other brands for even less. These shoes have been seen on every celeb and they are SO versatile!! I love to wear mine with jeans, leggings, sweats, jean shorts etc they pretty much look good with anything you pair them with!

My gf Jenna and I wearing our matching Marant's
Sorry about the quality of some of these photos, I've copied these photos from Instagram as I no longer have them in my phone!

Literally my everyday look! Irina makes it look so effortless and chic. 

Perfect outfit!

Adrianna on the left wearing the marants. The Victoria's Secret models are such fashionistas. I absolutely adore their style and often try to replicate their outfits. 

Chanel flats. I believe the price is around $500-$600? I have an all black pair but I'm dying for the two tone, black and nude pair. I feel it's necessary to have both these flats and the chanel espadrilles lol these flats have a slight heel on them so they're definitely meant to be worn dressier whereas the espadrilles are completely flat and more casual. 
I surprisingly don't have any full outfit pics wearing the flats but I was wearing them with this outfit during summer last year. 

Alessandra on the right wearing the two tone black & nude flats. 

Valentino rock stud jelly flats $295
My valentino sandals in nude. These are perfect for casual outfits or you can dress them up with a little summer dress!

Tkee's $50. $50 seems a bit high for a plain, basic flip flop but the quality is amazing. I wear them everyday during spring/summer and they're still in excellent condition. I need them in every color! And by every color, I mean white and nude lol 
I purchased these from Aritzia last year but I've seen them on numerous websites.

Converse sneakers $60. The white pair that I own are my favorite of all the converse colors and styles. These are the only ones I ever wear but they're all cute!
Not a fan of mama Jenner but her wardrobe is pretty on point 

Jordan's $139 

Of course this is just my personal opinion and I encourage you to purchase whatever you like but these are my personal favorites from my own collection

I hope you enjoyed this post! I'll be doing a similar one regarding designer heels and which I feel are worth the money! 

Love Nicole


  1. This was my favorite post on ur blog! Keep it up girly !! My sister and I love reading ur blog, especially for us tom boys out there lol thank u for helping us :)

    1. Awww that's so nice to hear love, thank you!!

  2. Nice Blog! I want wanted to know the black tank with those black leggings what brand are they ( thepic you some jays on) ?

    1. Thank you! They're tna from Aritzia! $22 :)

  3. The black Top also that you have with those Jays it's from aritzia also (tna)???

  4. Hello!
    Just wanted to know how the Chanel espadrilles fit, some say go up a size some say go down? Also have you had any problems with the studs falling off your valentinos cause mine are falling off and ive only worn them twice :(
    Thanks Gorgeous xo

    1. Definitely go up a size ! I'm a 36 in all shoes and I tried 36 on at the store and they were too small, I couldn't even get my foot in. The 37's are perfect! I haven't had that problem with the studs but my gf has a few pair of Valentino's and the studs are falling off of all of hers. You can take them in to get fixed for free apparently