Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lustworthy Fashion Trends

I do apologize for the lack of posts lately, spring and summer are extremely busy for my work! I've had a request to do a blog post on what to wear to a wedding but I've been saving that post until my brothers wedding which is next weekend!!! So I'll be sharing what I wore and what dresses I find perfect for a wedding. I'm really excited about that post so I hope you will enjoy it too:)

Lets get back on topic! Lust worthy current fashion trends. These trends I've chosen all tie into each other in some way and are very versatile so each look can be worn with different colors, pieces etc. 
- ripped jeans 
- ripped jeans with casual t shirts & pointy toed stilettos or strappy sandals 
- pointy toed stilettos 
- strappy sandals
- body suits with jeans or skirts 
- neural colors. Whites & nudes/beige

Just to forewarn you, the majority of these photos are of Kim Kardashian.Personally, I'm a fan! Some women just hate the idea of Kim but lets be real here, she's KILLIN it in the fashion world recently and I'm loving every outfit! She's totally on point with every outfit and she's creating trends. Whether she's styling herself or using a stylist, it's working for her. 

Lets start off with the shoes. The classic pointy toed stiletto and strappy sandals are everywhere lately. These two pairs have pretty much been the only heels I've been wearing. I can't get enough! They suit literally any outfit and really make a statement. The black patent louboutin pigalles are around $700 & the beige saint Laurent's were $900 which is extremely expensive but the greatest part about these heels is they're a classic staple so pretty much every brand makes their own variation of them. Zara and Steve Madden make the same strappy sandals for a fraction of the cost while every other brand imaginable makes the pointy toed stiletto!

Nude & black with black pigalle stilettos.
Loving the nude and black with the lace up sandals. One of my favorite looks right now are of what Kim's wearing on top, either a body suit or a tight tank top tucked in to either jeans, shorts or skirts! 

Nude patent stilettos. 
Bodysuit with ripped jeans and stilettos. 

Nude theory silk tank, Aritzia jean shorts with saint laurent sandals 

Nude Aritzia tight tank top tucked in to ripped American eagle jeans and saint laurent sandals

Nude Vince Silk top with bcbg skirt, saint Laurent sandals.

Nude blouse, white skirt with strappy sandals 

I can't get enough of kim wearing loose fitted to shirts with jeans and stilettos. So casual but so stylish 

Ripped jeans with a casual shirt

Bodysuit with jeans and stilettos 

Loose shirt with ripped boyfriend jeans and stilettos 

Perfect combo! Ripped jeans with pointy stilettos 

Ripped jeans with a loose T

Loose T with jeans. Love the lace showing through 

Silk tank with ripped jeans 

White & nude neutrals 

Casual beige sweater with cut off jean shorts. This would look great with heels as well! 
Skinny jeans with louboutin pigalle stilettos.
 This outfit doesn't really fit with my theme here but this was my absolute favorite look of kim! I'd love to replicate it soon 
Neutrals and the stilettos
Neutral knit sweater with ripped jeans and pointy stilettos. There's something about skinny jeans and pointy stilettos that really do it for me lol in every way!
Strappy sandals
Neutrals with strappy sandals 
The black and the boots do not match my theme but the body suit or tucked in shirt does! 
Ripped jeans with pointy stilettos 
Tucked in tank with jeans and pointy stilettos 
American apparel body suit with a tight pencil skirt. Love this!!!!
Skinny jeans with saint laurent strappy sandals 
All white! Skinny ripped jeans 
Strappy sandals. Loving this outfit 
Strappy sandals with neutrals 
Casual neutrals 
Perfect summer outfit. Casual t shirt with jean shorts and strappy sandals 
Another favorite. So simple yet so perfect. Casual t shirt with ripped jeans and lace up booties. 
Casual T, skinny jeans and pointy toe stilettos 
Ripped skinnies with nude pointy toe stilettos 
Love these neutrals with army green cut off jean shorts! I have these shorts so I'd like to replicate this look soon!
Back view of the American apparel body suit with a fitted skirt and pointy toe stilettos
Black And white with nude pointy toe stilettos
Ripped jeans with nude pointy toe stilettos.
Denim on denim. This look is hard to pull off but if the denims are similar in color, they really work together!
This outfit is perfection. White and black with pointy toe stilettos
All black with strappy heels
Nude body suit/fitted tank with a leather skirt and nude pointy toe heels
Loose fitted T, skinny jeans with strappy sandals
Neutrals with nude pigalles
Skinny jeans with strappy sandals
Ripped skinny jeans with pointy toe stilettos
Would prefer this with different heels but still love it!
Nude pointy toe stilettos are my absolute favorite!! They really make any outfit stand out.
Ripped boyfriend jeans with black pointy toe stilettos
Ripped jeans and pointy toe stilettos
Ripped jeans with pointy toe stilettos
Khloe's outfit. Nudes with light ripped skinny jeans and pointy toe stilettos
Neutrals!! Pointy toe stilettos
Is it necessary to continue to write ripped skinny jeans and pointy toe stilettos lol
These jeans!!
Back view
Not this body suit but the idea of body suits and jeans!
One of my all time favorite kim k looks. Those neutrals with strappy sandals
Strappy sandals and pointy toe pumps!
Love the fit of this t shirt! I found a similar one at Aritzia so I bought it in grey, white and black.

Hopefully you found this post inspiring for future outfits and new ideas next time you shop! I know for myself, these looks are exactly what I'd like to recreate and what I look for when shopping. I find when I know exactly what I want to buy, I never end up purchasing something I won't wear or that I'm over in a month or two.


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