Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hair Extensions - Bellami Lilly Hair

I just want to start off by saying I don't need to wear extensions, my hair is long now and thick which I'm very fortunate for, however, sometimes I want to add additional thickness for that extra glam factor! :)

With that being said, It was important for me to find a hair extension company that could accommodate my thick hair. It sounds easy but I've never found extensions thick enough to blend into my already thick hair so I would usually combine 2 different sets. Until I came across Bellami Lilly hair! 260grams of hair compared to the average 100 is an insane difference lol I can't even tell you what a difference that makes in your hair. With extension companies I've tried in the past, I would have to Wear the entire pack plus an additional set to look natural with my hair but with the Lilly hair, I don't even wear the full pack! When I wear my hair straight, I only clip in two rows underneath and it looks perfect! When I do waves or curls, I wear 3 rows! 

I purchased the dark brown set for $289.99. That is a lot, I know! But worth it for hair like mine. Bellami also has the 220g set which is still way more than the average set of extensions for $209.99.

The Lilly hair is 20" and quite long on me (I'm 5'2') so I cut mine an inch or two which is perfect for me. 

I'm wearing my Bellami Lilly hair in all 4 photos above.
Here's my natural hair with no extensions! As you can see my hair is thick and Long, but after having a lighter color put in, my hair is a lot thinner underneath so the thick extensions work well underneath! 

This is exactly what i ordered!

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment!

Nicole Courchaine


  1. Please do a hair tutorial on youtube how to get the big wavy curls you've done and what products to use ( 1st pic ). Loveeeee your blog and makeup ♡ ♡ :)

    1. I will! As soon as my channels up, this will be one of my first videos:) I just use loreal element hairspray, a comb to back comb the ends and my extensions! I'm so glAd you love my blog xoxo