Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fall Fashion 2014 Edition

I created this fashion board for fall inspiration. These are favorite pieces of mine that I either own or intend on purchasing this season. 

Must haves for fall:  (These items are my must haves, they're not for everyone, but I love these looks and hope to inspire you and your fall wardrobe)

-Leather Jacket
-Draped blazers. Helmut Lang, Theory and BCBG make beautiful draped blazers.
-Trench Coat. Burberry does the most amazing trench coats. Club Monaco makes a very similar trench to Burberry.
-Fur Vest      (Or Faux)
-Fur Jacket     (Or Faux)
-Destroyed Denim. I tend to do white or light destroyed denim for spring/summer and black destroyed denim for fall/winter
-Leather pants/leggings
-Thigh high, over the knee boots * Absolute must!!
-Sneaker wedges. Ugg boots are a thing of the past (for me anyways) I've moved on to a love for sneaker wedges, Isabelle Marant in particular.
-Knit sweaters. Helmut Lang is my favorite for knits.
-Body suit. Body suits are great for any season but I particularly love them for winter for layering purposes. Under a blazer with jeans is my favorite! Or under a pencil skirt
-Silk blouses. Equipment makes a fabulous silk blouse. I believe these range from $180-$350 but you can get them on Ebay, new with tags from the states for around $100

Now for the celeb inspo! *Warning* There are a LOT of photos in this post but in my opinion when it comes to fashion, the more the merrier ;) I hope you enjoy this post and I'll be sure to continue posting about fall fashion and photos of myself in these looks as well.

I tried my best to group each "look" together. Trench coats, leather, fur, light jackets etc

If you have any questions regarding these looks, where to buy, pieces in particular, leave me a comment and I'll be happy to help xo

Sweaters/draped sweaters/blouses & jeans. Can be dressed up with heels or down with flats.

Destroyed black denim

 This look on Kim K is my definition of perfect for this fall! Black destroyed denim, black see through top, black leather jacket + suede pointy toe pumps. 

Thigh high boots


Light jackets with jeans/leather pants

Trench coats

Fabulous Fur


One of my favorite new trends I failed to include in my inspiration board is suede pointed toe heels. I've been seeing more and more of these and loving it! I purchased my first pair of beige suede Giuseppe Zanotti's that I'm madly in love with! I'll post photos soon!

 Eva's look but with jeans for fall.

Nicole Courchaine