Thursday, August 28, 2014

Updated Skin Care Routine - Holy Grail Products

My holy grail skin care products!

Since my last post on my skin care routine, I've added a few new products to my daily regime in conjunction with my old products. 

I feel each product really is a holy grail, must have for me now and have made a big difference in my skin. 

I've listed each product below and where I purchased it. If you have any questions, leave a comment :)

I received this face mask from Bare Essentials skin bar (right below L'Hermitage hotel In Vancouver) @beskinbar on Instagram. It's soooo luxurious and moisturizing! My skin feels amazing after using this. Thank you to Bare Essentials skin bar for the amazing products!

Another product I received from Bare Essentials Skin bar. This antioxidant hydramist really is extremely hydrating and refreshing on my skin.

Josie Maran light Argan oil. I opted for the light oil (the regular Argan oil is one of her best sellers) as I'm quite oily in my T zone. The light oil is perfect for my skin! Most people replace their moisturizers with Argan oils but I only use this a few times a week before bed. Again it's very hydrating and leaves my skin feeling amazing. Purchased from Sephora.

Philosophy Purity face wash. It's very gentle while still able to remove makeup, oil and dirt. An absolute must for any skin type. Purchased from Sephora (The Bay now carries Philosophy as well)up 

I picked up this Murad clarifying cleanser to use when my skin is experiencing break outs (I consider a break out 2 blemishes lol) this cleanser is definitely not gentle like the purity face wash but sometimes I need something a little stronger to combat acne! I absolutely love Murad's skin care line! I have a few new products I'd like to pick up soon to try so I'll be sure to review them for you guys! Purchased from Sephora. 

I have a serious love/hate relationship with this Glamglow mask. I absolutely love this mask. It works like no other! I hate the price lol it's $69 for a tiny jar but I assure you, it truly is worth it! If I'm breaking out, I know I can put this on and wake up the next day to clear skin. Purchased from Sephora.

I picked up this clearing improvement mask by Origin simply because it's a less expensive version of the Glamglow charcoal clearing mask! It doesn't work as good as Glamglow but it still is a great mask that I'll continue to repurchase! Purchased from Sephora.

 I picked this Boscia mask solely for the reason that it is a peel off mask! So fun lol if you do use this mask, make sure to apply a thick layer or else peeling it off kind of hurts! I made that mistake the first time and read reviews on sephora from customers complaining about the same thing. But when applied thick, it comes off easy! Purchased from Sephora.

Origins Ginzing eye cream. This is the first eye cream I've purchased so I don't have anything to compare to but it is a great product! I love that it has a slight shimmery finish to it so you really do glow after applying. Purchased from Sephora.

Origins Ginzing moisturizer. This is hands down one of my favorite products of all time! I had just purchased a moisturizer from Keil's (which I also love) so I definitely wasn't shopping for a new moisturizer. I tried on a few foundations at sephora and after using makeup remover to remove the foundation, my skin is extremely dry so I walked over to the moisturizers just to put on before leaving and I chose this moisturizer for a quick fix but fell in love instantly!! It's so luxurious and moisturizing! It's a gel like formula that feels incredible on the skin. I highly recommend! Purchased from Sephora.

Before purchasing this Clarisonic Mia, I convinced myself it wasn't necessary as spending almost $200 on a brush seemed excessive. I was WRONG. After watching numerous YouTube tutorials and reading reviews on Sephora, I had to purchase it and I'm glad I did! I feel like you can't clean your skin properly until you use this vibrating brush. It gets in deep and really penetrates your skin. Your fingers or a cloth just can't do what this brush can do! This is another product I highly recommend! Purchased at Sephora.

Kiehl's ultra facial moisturizer. I can't say enough good things about this moisturizer. I use it daily and always underneath my makeup. I can't wait to try the ultra facial over night moisturizer next! Purchased at Kieh's.

Kieh's ultra facial toner. I don't know if I notice much of a difference using this toner but from what I've read, toners restore the natural PH balance in your skin which is a great considering all the products, scrubbing etc our skin endures. Purchased from Kieh's.

Ahhh. What would I do without this gem?! Mario Bedescu drying lotion is an on the spot blemish treatment. Also referred to as the "zit zapper". It definitely lives up to it's name! I always use this any time I have a blemish and it takes the redness away completely. Purchased at Mario Bedescu.

Lush's mask of megaminty. This mask is a best seller at lush! I love the cooling feeling this mask leaves! Purchased from Lush.

Lush ocean salt face and body scrub. I initially purchased this with the intention to use this on my face but after doing so, it was quite harsh on my face so I did this on my body before shaving! Purchased from Lush.

The body shop body butter. I've been using these products since high school and I still love it! I always repurchase the cocoa butter and coconut. Purchased at the body shop. 

Nicole Courchaine

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