Thursday, March 31, 2016

Eyebrow Tattoo/Microblading

Finally! I have brows!!

The sad thing is, I was blessed with thick, bushy brows however, I did not listen to my mom in high school when she warned me not to over pluck or they'll never grow back. You win mom. I was going for that pencil thin, Pamela Anderson brows (Thanks a lot Pam). Well they have been pencil thin ever since and I've hated filling them in ever since. I'm not sure if it's because they're different shaped and uneven, but they are an absolute bitch to fill in and look somewhat "natural" hence the reason all my selfies and makeup pictures are of the left side of my face aka my good eyebrow.

I've been contemplating having this done for years but was skeptical because of some horror stories and unnatural brows I've seen when researching about it in the past. That is until I discovered Studio Sashiko! Their instagram page is proof that this procedure looks natural and worth evert penny ($550) which as per their website states it should last a few years with touch ups. Their instagram page is @studiosashiko and if you'd like more information, check out their website HERE

I had the pleasure of having my brows done by Audrey Glass, @audreylglass on instagram. I am extremely happy with the results!

I don't have many photos showing my brows straight on but here are a few before pictures I found

(I was getting a massage on a bunk bed by my boyfriends nephew in this photo lol)

Screen shot from my snapchat video. follow me @nicolecxoxoxo  :)

And the new brows!

The microblading technique actually replicates real hair strokes! It's amazing!

I go back in a month for touch ups/changes etc so I'm excited to see how they heal and how they will look! So far I'm thrilled :)

If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I'll answer any questions you have!


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